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stainless steel curved scissor suggestions

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I'm not a huge planted tank fan, meaning I take better care of my livestock than I do the plants in their tanks. With that said, I would usually buy the cheapest scissors, tweezers, etc. We'll after two pairs of scissors and both have started to rust,

I need suggestions for a vendor that sells high quality stainless steel scissors.

I want tip curved (not "S" shaped) scissors that are at least 11-12" long. Thanks in advance!

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H4n, the first one you posTed is the wave type. I'm looking for a pair that is straight all the way down to the "x" part of the scissors then the curve is basically just the cutting part. Gotta find a 12" though.

I have a pair exactly as I'm descibing... they cut great but they are rusted despite myself drying them off after every use. I believe i got them from HQAQUARIUM which recently changed their name to something else, can't remember.

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