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White food finicky - picky snowballs

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So - Thanks to Han I have a huge assortment of sample food :) that I have been trying. All have no ax (thank you soothing). I have been keeping track of what they like and don't like.


Oddly - they pounce on anything white in color. If the food is green they will either ignore it or pick at it if there is nothing else available. Even if I put a white ring shaped pellet and a green one in at the same time from the same bag. They will literally crawl over the green one to eat the white. Once it is gone they MAY go pick at the green one.


White meaning - not just pure white like snowball but the barely color too.


Are they missing nutrients by ignoring the green stuff? 


For fresh food they completely ignored broccoli too, I will be trying spinach and zucchini once I can get to the store.


Anyone else have such oddly finicky eaters? 

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Mine seem very uninterested in getting into the food bowls. And I noticed that they will choose Super Green over Shrimp souffle most of the time. I am worried too that they are not getting all their nutrients. I'm hoping to get more variety of foods so they will have more chance to get what they need. I'm especially worried about calcium.

All the shrimp have gone nuts over zucchini! I haven't tried spinach yet, waiting on a veggie clip.

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Ebi - you should pm Han. He sent me a great supply of samples so I could try them out (like 10+ different foods) :)  I guess I need to sit and look through the 'white stuff' and see if, with the ingredients in all of them, they are getting a decent diet. They also have biofilm, IAL, cholla wood... so I think they are doing ok... but yea, worried too.

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