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new to the shrimp world


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I've gone from monster fish to planted tanks

now I want to start a shrimp tank


going to get the ball rolling in about a month but need some feedback on care of the shrimp




Substrate - ADA Amazonia

Plant - Carpeting with UG (Utricularia graminifolia)

Filter - eheim 2211 with glass lily pipes

Lighting - Finnex Fugeray


the only thing I wonder is how safe is Seachem Excel. I've asked some shrimp people and they said to not use ferts as much as possible including Excel. im trying to steer away from setting up a co2 tank and just hope to use Excel to give my plants some co2.


what are you thoughts on Excel and what other alternative do I have to give my plants co2 besides setting up a co2 tank.



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Do a search and you should find a couple threads on Excel and ferts with shrimp. It can be a contentious debate... Although we're pretty laid back and good at civil discussion around here, thanks be.

For my part, I do use Excel in my shrimp (Neocaridina) tank and they do fine with it. I'm still tinkering with the fertilizers... Used very low doses of K+, phosphate, traces. Never supplemented nitrates because shrimp hate those and I wasn't sure I would never be overdosing.

CO2 is scary in a shrimp tank, since they can be so sensitive. I don't know of many that do it.

Maybe a better idea is to make sure your shrimp tank plant choices can all thrive without fertilizers and CO2! Low tech and easy care... Shrimp all love mosses anyway. :)

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I use half dose of Excel on my 20 gallon long, planted with dwarf hairgrass, and frogbit floating at top. No ill effects to my shrimp. Initially ran CO2 24/7 at 1 bubble per 5 seconds, but shrimp seemed less active. I might try it again once my carpet is more established, but for now, Excel at half dose is working fine.

Like Pika, I only do small amounts of ferts. 1 ml of Seachem potassium, and 1 pump of ADA Green Brighty Step 3 (leftover bottle from my planted community tank), every 2-3 days. I also placed some Flourish root tabs under the soil when I set up the tank.

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Welcome! Looks like you have the basic products needed for success. I never use any excel or fertilizers in my shrimp tanks.

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