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bare bottom tank questions?

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I'm going to be getting some tbs in the near future and I was planning on just throwing them with my crs, cbs, and oebt tank, but the more I keep reading the more I think I want to out them into a different tank. my question is should I just put them with my other shrimp till I get my substrate and cycle it then put the tbs in it when I'm ready? Or.. can I put them in a bare bottom tank? I'm useing ro water with as gh+ to get the water parameters correct, I was also planning on throwing in some Bacter ae(my first time useing this product I still haven't gotten it in the mail yet), a lot of cholla wood, ial, alder cones. Or would o still have to cycle the tank? Also can I use the bacter ae with my already established and populated tank? Any other quick set up ideas that I can use while I cycle my ada

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You can use the bacter AE with all your tanks. Why not cycle the tank and then add the shrimp? You could keep them with CRS but you would be acclimating them twice with this method if you plan to keep the TBS tAnk at diff parameters.

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