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wtb/need: newbie starter pack for shrimps?


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So I'm starting my first shrimp tank. I've never owned shrimp before, my tank is mature (been up for over a yr) With a few plants (Pic below). I'm still researching and learning. Seems like there is like dozens of the same stuff and then everyone says less is better so I'm unsure what all I even actually need at this point.

But I am trying to get a few more plants to fill it out a bit more. I do have some Indian almond leaves but apparently they lower my ph to much. (my tap ph is 7.2, so I'm going to test this in a small 1 gal tank to see the changes)

So just wondering if there is a lil sample or newbie pack people could offer for just starting out. I have no shrimp specific food yet (or items...)

I do have plenty of random other fish foods an fish related things, and algea wafers.

I plan on trying out a shrimp/snail jello recipe

Oh! Would help to know the shrimp I'll be keeping. I plan on starting with cherry shrimp, and after a few weeks with them in there, adding some orange eyed blue tigers (local aquarium special orders them for only $6each... and they have beautiful shrimp) but their cherries are also 6 so I'm not getting them there. (Pretty much any colored shrimp are 6)


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just looked. Though I still dunno what foods are recommended for cherry shrimp an blue tigers. The cherries I was looking at are really red though.

But I might try some of those samples. Also want to get some cholla would from him, maybe a plant or two.

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