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Hah, I knew there would be some shrimps in my whisper filter


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So while I was typing an answer to another post on here, I realized I hadn't checked my whisper filter

for a while....so disconnected it and took it to the bathroom inside a container, and pulled the media

out and insert and YES there were 2 shrimps living in there.   A nice adult Royale Blue tiger and a younger one.


Just goes to show they can get inside and love to eat off the floss, so remember to check inside

every once in a while....I bet you'll find someone in there, having a smorgasboard of biofilm all to



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A few years ago I had this 45g Hex aquarium overflowing with Painted Fires and a big ol' eheim canister filter  just filled with bioballs and a pad at the top and I thought I had shrimp proofed it pretty well. Well I had my first day off in about a month and a half and decided to clean the filter so I disconnect it and start taking all of the bioballs and see a shrimp thought it was weird but oh well, turns out there was a whole small colony living in there

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