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should I use stability?

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Tuesday I wrote about my expected shrimp getting here cooked because of the heat pack. The replacement shrimp will be here this afternoon. They are tibees. I had a new tank ready for them since I was starting a new project. Yesterday was insane business wise and family wise. This morning I realized I did not feed the cycle..I did the final water change Monday night. Do I put the shrimp into this tank? I added a very tiny amount of ammonia a few minutes ago to see if the cycle was still good but was wondering if I could use Stability for a week to make sure things are good. I can also keep them in a breeder for a while. I just don't want to turn them loose in a tank with other shrimp and then have to catch them again. Maybe the cycle is still going? So, to be clear, I did the water change Monday night and have not fed the cycle since. I am only getting 10 shrimp in a 10g. I put purigen in filter and a benibachi ammonia board Monday as well as life balls and biodigest.

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So would you trust that the cycle is still viable?

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