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Thread Algae Help

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My 10G shrimp only heavily planted tank has got thread algae.


I am using only root tabs, I think I placed 5 in the whole tank. Thread algae can be caused by excess IRON.


But the thread algae is getting pretty much on everything now. Glass, rocks, all plants...


I am getting some Pygmy cories today, but I would like to know what algae eater is

best and actually cleans/eats thread algae?


Thank you...

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Crossocheilus siamensis. True Siamese Algae Eater. Try getting a group of three or more younger ones, as they lose much of their interest in eating thread algae a they mature. They will outgrow your tank, so you will need to transfer them to a bigger tank or give them away. Watch out if you have "furry" plants, too, since I caught one eating the slim leaves off my Rotala wallichii.

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