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Best Substrate for an OEBT tank?

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I'm starting a 20 L with OEBT culls in mind. Not sure what the best substrate to use. I'm thinking gravel and eco complete. Any opinions?


Depends on who you're getting them from and how they kept them.


I have a friend you just got some lower pH OEBTs and they are doing fine in pH 6.0 on ADA Amazonia.  I have also heard of some one who kept his at pH 5.4 - 5.6 on ADA Africana / Amazonia mix, I personally kept mine on gravel at a pH of ~7.5.

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i have my OEBT in a tank with eco-complete and one with Brightwell Rio escuro.  both seem to work just fine.  they both are around 6.4 though the eco-complete had a higher ph for a few months when the tank started.

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