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TT bacterial infection or saddle?


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Sorry another newb question here. I was able to get some Tangerine Tigers a couple weeks ago from a local seller. Tonight one of them seems to be bright white in the head area. Now, I have seen a saddle on my rcs plenty of times but this doesnt appear to be in the same area so im a bit nervous it is a bacterial infection. It seems more lumpy and farther forward than the saddles I have seen on my rcs.

Ive tried to capture a couple pics of it. Please put my mind at ease and tell me its just the saddle. The shrimp is still eating and was literally zipping from one side of the 20L tank to the other tonight so not lethargic or hiding. One other TT looks also a bit suspicious but the white spot isnt as bright as this shrimp. All other TTs seem fine and one has even berried up.

Any thoughts? Thank you.



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looks like a saddle beginning to me, and I do believe its a female.

I have crystal whites that have blue saddles and it looks weird. Hopefully its not anything else. TTs are hard to find right now.

Thanks for the insight. I performed a good water change last night and will keep an eye on it. I also found a rcs that looked a little milky so I separated him in another tank. I might just be over thinking this. Hopefully. These TTs are beautiful I wouldn't want to lose them so quickly.
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