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some drool video for Betta lovers...now this one is cool


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Stop it! lol  :) I should have known not to click on this post but I couldn't help myself. ha ha


They are GORGEOUS!! I do love the look of dragons (and I love all things dragon so...). I have read that you have to be careful with the dragon gene because the 'dragon scales' had a tendency to grow over the bettas eyes and cause big problems.


Aside from that, I did drool... :D

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Yep, that's true, so when you look for a dragon, pick one that the eyes are clearly not covered over.

To get dragon you need both male and female to be dragons, but how this breeder got the finnage black I

just am at a loss to think what he used???


Black carries blue and there couldn't be any red in it or the red would be dominant color.  Im putting it out

on Betta4all forum (international) to see if the genetisists over there can figure out what was used, then I

will actively try to find a pair I can try this on with.


Sound like a mad scientist...(at least that's what my Hubby calls me)

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