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Moss trimming and baby shrimps


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This is my first post. I have had red cherry shrimp for about 6 months in a species-only tank (except for snails), and they are doing great.


My plants are also doing great - too great! What started as a small amount of Java Moss has now taken over 1/3 of the tank. I really want to trim it back a bit, but I do not want to accidentally remove/throw out any baby shrimp. There are tons of babies all over, especially in the moss.


Can anyone recommend how I can cut out a lot of the moss but leave the babies in the tank?



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Combine the trimming with a water change. Drain the water into a separate clean container, a white bucket works best for contrast. Trim the moss pull it out of the tank and put into the bucket. Then carefully pull the moss apart into as fine pieces as you can and slowly pull the strands up out of the water. The babies will let go of the moss as you pull it out of the water as long as they can physically swim out. Thats why you pull it apart as fine as you can.

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