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Shrimp Food & Supplement package :) BorneoWild Mosura Hikari CSF

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Hello again y'all...


I have another shrimp food & supplement package for sale  :)

BorneoWild, Mosura, Hikari, and CSF


- 25 grams BW Bebi

- 15 grams BW Grow (including bottle)

- 12 grams BW Stout (including bottle)

- 5 grams Hikari Mini Algae Wafers

- 3 grams Hikari Shrimp Cuisine


Approximately 2.5 grams of:

- BW White

- Mosura Gravidas

- Mosura BT-9

- CSF Bee Pollen


- New 7-day pill container (makes daily feeding much easier AND stays fresher as you'll rarely need to open the larger' packages) 

- 1 spoon


*The last 2 pics show WYSIWYG

(actual items you will receive)


I purchased the BorneoWild & Mosura items earlier this month from theshrimptank (#1 newest-stock available in USA)

I purchased the Hikari Algae Wafers earlier this month from Dr.Foster & Smith


IMHO... BW Bebi is the best daily staple food for both newborns AND adults !!

(I've raised 100's of CRS on Bebi)


Everything shown in the last 2 WYSIWYG pics for $24 + $3.50 shipping USPS 1'st-class or $6.50 shipping USPS Priority mail (USA)


Ask any questions or PM me for my Paypal addy'

(shipping label printed through Paypal with online tracking)



Dave :)


P.S. I'll include a note on which item is inside which day in pill container

P.S.S. Also includes 2.5 grams of CSF Bee Pollen (not in pics)








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