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Iso snails


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Sorry, buddy. My rabbit snails are new and I don't know if they will breed for me. If they do, would you like me to PM you?

I have plenty of ramshorns, but only one pink out of the entire bunch and no blue. I thought I saw a spotted one, but not so sure of that either.

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this isn't my photo but they look like this:




i've seen them go for around $3 each. i can do $2 each. i have a ton of babies so i could spare around 5 adult ones. they breed slower than normal trumpets. 50 cents for red rams!

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Wait wait wait? Purple?! I haven't seen purple before, do you have any photos?

They look like a dark purple to me in person. The pics are cell pics and dont show the color to well. I do have a couple albino ones also but not enough to start selling.





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