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Massive Trim From Highlight Planted Tank


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SOLD! You will not be disappointed with all the plants I have just trimmed (stems). There is a massive amount enough to easily fill a 10g tank and maybe even get a 20g started. I don't have time to list and label each one. They are going in to a ziplock bag and will have to be shipped in a small priority box. They are all super healthy and come from my high light tank. These plants require ferts and CO2. I don't remember all the names of each plant but here's the ones I know are in there. There are other types that will be included as well. However, I forgot their names. All the plants are 100% algae free. Asking $45.00 shipped within the CONUSA.

Rotala waiichi

Cuphea anagalloida

Lindernia sp. "India

Rotala Indica

Ludwigia atlantis

limnophila 'mini vietnam'

Hygrophila pinnatifida

Rotala “mini” Butterfly

Myrio Tuberculatum 'Red'

Proserpinaca palustris (mermaid weed)






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