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tiger shrimp with red on side

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I noticed today one of my OEBT males has what at first glance looked to be a red stripe instead of black on his side.  Now I am not so sure....it looks like it might stick out a bit and Im wondering if its some sort

of parasite?  I have him isolated in a small marina box for now and I added some methylene blue (tiny bit) and alder cone to his box.  Here's a pic its the best I could get he wouldn't stand still for long.




and this one from above, fuzzy but you can see it looks like its sticking out.





any thoughts on what it might be, and how to get rid of it, or cure it.

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I found this article on shrimp farming in Indonesia, and apparently they do use Methylene Blue and other meds for shrimp diseases.

I know this is for food shrimps, but it probably works on the dwarf species too.


here's the link.



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Did you ever figure what was aling your shrimp? Did it survive? How did you cure it?

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