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I can't understand what's going on guys


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Hi everybody!

I have experienced a few casualties in the past two weeks. Parameters are like ideal:

Ph = 6.8

Ammo = 0

Nitrite = 0

Nitrate = 0

Kh = 1

Gh = 6

TDS = 192

Tap water re mineralized with salty shrimp G+

But one of the Blues have something attached to its underbelly, I wish is a single egg but it looks odd. I have included a pic for you to judge. Thanks so much for the shared knowledge.


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1) What is your tap water parameters? As you stated your remineralizing your tap water?

2) Nitrates and GH are more than likely not 0. GH especially since your remineralizing, and because your using tap water.



It is hard to tell from your picture but if this is a first time mother that could possibly be an egg, as your RBT looks to be fanning it. Again hard to tell, but that would be my guess. I would recheck your water parameters as well. I hope this helps a bit.

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Hard to tell from the pic. I would have guessed it's an egg but I can't recall ever seeing white eggs on blue tigers. Maybe a leech or some other parasite. Take a look at this thread (you'll have to register to see the pics) and see if it matches anything.


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My apologies, my mistake, Gh = 6 and Kh =1
Alloy me to correct it. Yup it's been fanning all the time but the sphere color is white. I don't know if it's and egg or something she wants to get rid of. I aded this slow motion video, may be it may help a little.

Video Apr 18, 5 42 41 PM.mov

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Yes rbt eggs are brown not white. No clue what it could be, maybe an egg that died? I also was experiencing random deaths last month. I accounted it to lack of kh as I am temporarily housing them in my pinto tank. Then it came to me early one morning. I had tried raising temp to 72. Well we had some cold nights and my wife was leaving sliding door open. Tank temp would drop to 68 over night. This 5 degree change was too much for rbt. Mind you I did not lose a single pinto, tb, mischling or oebt! Rbt really are just that much more sensitive to temp changes, its crazy. I have since lowered my temp back to 69 so it stays more constant at least till summer and I can get them in their own tank. Faster growth and gestation just is not worth the risk to me. Since lowering temp I have had 0 losses.

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I totally agree with you forumsnow. I mean, everything seemed spectacular, 15 gallon tank, flame, xmass and peacock moss growing on terra-cotta pots, ten or less shrimps in there, low waste load, good parameters, a hang on back breeder box with some culls in it. At the pace I'm going, if things don't change I might toss the culls in the tank at least to raise the population and even buy more and start from scratch. but I will not quit :)

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