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Fluval Stratum shrimp+plant

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I have Fluval Stratum substrate in a 20 gallon long tank for my Chocolate Gouramis. I used new water and an already-cycled filter, and I only noticed a low ammonia spike for the first couple of days. I added plants on day three. I continued to cycle the substrate for about a week to be on the safe side, but there was never another ammonia spike, or even any ammonia leeching from what I can tell - but the tank is very heavily planted. You may have different results if you use a new filter and if you do not add a ton of plants. Like Monty said, it buffers the PH down to about 6.4. I do have to use additional buffering products to get the PH down to a more desirable level, but the substrate helps a lot and the cherry shrimp cull colony I keep in the tank is thriving!

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I will be using it in my TB/mischling tank. I do have alot of plants that are carpeting plants i will be adding to it and i will be a week before i get them and i have sponge filters already established in my guppy tank i will be moving over to the tank. I will be using RO water in that tank as well.

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