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Seachem flourish nutrients

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I was wondering after extensive reading and research on shrimp minerals and nutrients in nature and the products offered having pretty much the same elements as those in flourish, can shrimp utilize the nutrients from flourish the same way they can for products marketed specifically for shrimp? They both stay in the water column. I have flourish and dose maybe once a week for my plants but don't dose minerals or nutrients marketed for shrimp. I just feed them.

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I know that some people use Seachem Trace for their shrimp since it contains the trace minerals required for both shrimp and plants. I use Flourish in my neo tanks and they do fine. I use 1/3 the recommended amount.

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One panda Tb, some mischlings, crs, prl, and pbl. And also a couple cherries that snuck in along the way. I'm in the process of switching from tap to ro as well. My ph is going up after I took out the driftwood and stopped co2. Went from 7.1 to 7.6. The ro is measuring at 6.6. Hasn't done much with a 5 gallon swap out of a 20 long. I took the driftwood out only so I can see my shriml more. They are hiding too much.

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