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Do your shrimps eat the dead?


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As far as I know, this is normal behavior and is supposed to happen. I see it whenever I'm at the LFS and if they happen to have a dead shrimp in a tank, all the other shrimps are basically having a cannibalistic feast. 


I've noticed this doesn't seem to happen in my neo tank. I haven't seen it happen anyway. If I find a dead shrimp, it's usually all by itself while the others are off doing their own thing.


Do you guys think it's a bad sign? Maybe they're not eating the dead because they know something was wrong with them? 

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Definitely depends on how much food they have. I think they prefer bio-film but if the population is high, the bio-film can't grow fast enough and they scavenge for other things to eat. Letting them eat the dead is usualy not a good idea because it can spread gram-negative bacteria and parasites.

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