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Effective reproduction age of crystal females

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Hey folks,


So, I have a tank that has been a bit slow to get rolling this year.  Last year, it was a high producing tank, and other than my regular maintenance, I haven't changed anything in it - same substrate (ADA), parameters are right where they have always been - pH 6.4, TDS 135, GH 5, KH 0, etc.  However, in looking at it last night, one thing that I got to thinking about was that most of my breeding females in there are probably going on 18-19 months of age, maybe even 20.  In my notes, I show that the first time they berried would have been mid April of 2014.  This was definitely their first clutches as they were juvies when I got them.  So, figuring about 5 months (roughly to get to breeding age) then 13 months ago being their first time berried, that'd put most of them at that 18-19 month range.  


So, they all have multiple clutches last year, and the tank does great.  I sell a good number of offspring from the tank.  Winter comes, and they slow down, and so far this spring, they haven't really started back up (I have one berried female in there).  


What I am wondering, is if this tank isn't more heavily tilted towards aging females that are done with their most productive breeding time.  Does this seem plausible?  I have a pretty natural break of juvies not old enough yet, and mature females, so it seems to hold that if the older ones have slowed down due to age, and the younger ones aren't old enough yet, that I wouldn't see the berried females in this tank like I am in the other tanks.


Curious if anyone has their own experience that might support or refute my theory here?

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