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undetermined moss species (large)


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hi there, 


as maybe some of you get used to, i will present periodically new moss species. Thisone today i did not have time to do research what it is as i am more focused on the new fissidens species, but still thisone is very interesting, being really large.


the 2 fragment that you see in picture are about 20 cm (8-9 inch long) very bushy and come from submerged habitat. For making it more fun i will try to find the scientific name for it, leaving you - readers here- to give it a name for our hobby. if you have already seen this species in our hobby, please let me know, personally i have not met this species up untill now. 


pictures here are my property, please do not share on other groups or forums without informing me.




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Very nice and unusual moss. It has very defined rhizoids on on the tips. It looks like it may be a fast growing type of moss. Any luck on ID? I know there are "only" about 758 different types of mosses by where you live. It should be easy. lol!!



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it is for sure fast growing. it wil take some time :)) to determine the green species because the red mosses are first priority and the fissidens the second. these othe rgreen species that are now more than 20 submerged will stay as winter study :)


i had sent you from the most spectacular mosses i had where i knew for sure that they do live submerged. the other fissidens species are under test (and looking good for so far) and the red ones  i got only later, and those also need to run tests... did my best sending something nice.


in case of the very dark one, that is its natural color, and it stays small (about 1 inch in height, probably also a tortula species)

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