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Fresh mullberry leaves


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I decided to pick a fresh mullberry leaf from one of the trees in my backyard.  I boiled it for about 2.5 minutes then dropped it in ice-cold water.


When I first put the leaf in, a couple shrimp checked it out of curiosity but then ignored it.  The leaf was pretty big for my 10 gallon tank and 30 shrimp colony so I cut it in half and left half in.  The cut must have released enough "juices" to signal it was food and start the feeding frenzy.  They had holes picked in the leaf a few minutes later.  One of my berried females was even trying to play "queen of the mountain" and chase others away.


Just wanted to pass the "cutting" info on to others that might have fresh leaves.  Next time I'll put more horizontal cuts in the leaf.  Also next time, I'll leave the "stem" end in the tank instead of the "tip" end for easier sinking and removal later.


My city (small town) will start spraying for mosquitos in a few weeks, so I'm going to pick more this weekend to freeze and to try dehydrating.


ETA:  Has anyone tried mullberry fruit for shrimp?  This time of year they are just small green buds, but it might be interesting to try.  Any drawbacks you can think of?

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