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co2 and sullawesi shrimps


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Have anyone try to add co2 , very litle only for help easy plants grow.

I have Caridina dennerli and i use salty shrimp mineral 8.5 tank is 80liter.

I think its safe to add very litle co2 , one buble per 10 sec.

Whats your opinion?


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They're not going to like it.


Can you explain ?

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I have many sulawesi shrimp , they very sensitive to die with co2 , use plant without co2 if you want breeding sule shrimp bro.

It depent, how much co2 did you add in the tank?

I am running with co2 , 2 weeks now. I didnt see any diferents for the shrimp and shrimplets.

I am dosing so litle co2 that ph drops ~0.2 ...

And  i am adding some ferts , kno3 k2so4 and litle fe , but its very litle ...


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