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proper way to prepare Fenben for planaria and hydra

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hi all,


just managed to score some fenbendazole tablets @ this dosage 75mg fenben per tablet... I wanted to make some DIY Liquid Fenben but not sure as to how much water i need to dissolve this in to make it shrimp safe... any ideas and suggestions would be most appreciated... and do you guys have some dosing regimens?


soothing actually shed some light on dosing with PANAcur C which comes in granular form of 1gram packets... which unfortunately is not available here in my present country...


so i have to make due with the fenben tablets at 75mg fenben per tablet...


hope you guys can help... been starting to see some really fat planaria starting to surface in my tank ...

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buy a pill grinder or small food processor and grind it to a powder.  :)


if i'm correct,dosage is 2.22mg* per US gallon,so 1/3 of a tablet will treat 10 gallons.

i wouldn't worry about being exact.


*some people use Safe-guard 4 Canine Dewormer.

1 gram pouch has 222mg,it will treat 100 gallons.

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