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30x17x20cm nano tank lighting

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Hi all! icon_smile.gif

I've read somewhere about WPG and some others not agreeing with it.

I currently have a new 30x17x20cm nano tank being cycled, with HC and christmass moss on driftwood.

I'm currently using a JEBO JB13 13 watts clamp-on lamp for it, but I'm currently seeing browning christmas mosses.. Not sure if the light's too much for the moss. Though I heard that HC needs high light.

Is this enough, or is it too much? I do have a spare JEBO JB09 9 watts lamp from my other nano if the light's too much.

By the way, I'm not realy into JEBO, just that they're the only available small lamps in my LFS lol..

Any help would be appreciated!

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