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hey all im wanting to build a new light system for my 240G 60x36x25 i have alot of dead space here is a link to the lights im looking at the 30w ones. I just want to know will they grow moss or any other plants and how many do you think i would need 4,6? im not sure any info would be great




Thank you for your time


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I use the 10w ones on my tanks, check out my journal. For something that big and deep you will probably want some fill light too like a triple line 5050smd led tape light because the spot lights do have a more focused area of illumination. If you do get the tape light too I would try running with 4, if not you will probably need 5-6.

Also yes they do grow plants.


No ferts or co2, surface is about 85-90% covered in frogbit which I have to remove weekly. 2-10w on a 20g long, please excuse the ugly pvc filter intake

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