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Different Colored Mineral Balls

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i am looking to get info on some mineral balls i am buying on ebay

I need complete lists of minerals and the benefits of each ball...


the list of balls that i know of are

reddish brown 

Grey and/ or Japanese


red bee


that either 4 or 5 types...

i doubt i need all 5 types

but i do want complete rundowns on each


plus if anybody can also give me a list of the 2-3 of 5 types that will basically do everything when combined

without needing the other 2 .... if possible..


in my tank i currently have

Vampire Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp/Singapore shrimp

albino cory

African dwarf frog

Gold Mystery Snails

Spiked Malaysian trumpet snails


Green Phantom Pleco

Albino Bristlenose Pleco

Super Red bristlenose pleco





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