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Tibee Starter Package for Sale!


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Hey ShrimpSpot!!


This package below is a great starter kit for a Tibee project, you will already receive berried OEBTs! 


Crystal Red Shrimp - Juvenile to Adult- A-SS Grade- $20.00 - Package includes 8 CRS

OEBT Shrimp - Sub-Adult to Adult/All Blue - $12.00 - Package includes 2 berried OEBT females (Male was either OEBT or CRS)



Total for package is $32.00, $44.00 with shipping. Don't forget you can add a cold pack if needed.


Shipping - USPS Priority - $12.00 (Heatpacks/Coldpacks additional $2.00)

DOA Claim will only be valid if the following conditions are met-

  1. Must physically receive shrimp within two hours of delivery confirmation.
  2. Within the two hours of delivery confirmation send a clear digital picture of dead shrimp inside the untampered LongLife bag next to my shipping label.
  3. Must receive package on first delivery attempt.

*Shipping price is non-refundable

**I only ship within the Continental US

***I am not responsible for USPS delays and/or mishandlings

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I also have 1 package of 10 Blonde Juvenile OEBT for $25.00. If anyone is interested.

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