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What is ADA photon-git?

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It's supposed to help plants combat algae. I don't know if it's shrimp safe although I doubt it is. You can control algae by raising and lowering your lights. I wouldn't add anything that's not necessary to a shrimp tank to be in the safe side.

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Phyton-Git is mainly used as a treatment for certain types of aglae like black beard algae. It is used in a similar matter as H2O2 or excel for spot treating BBA on plants and driftwood. Unlike those two, it is not a chemical, but rather made from Phytoncide, which is a natural extract from plants so it should be safer for shrimps than the other two methods.

To treat BBA with it you brush it on the plant / driftwood outside of the water or in a separate bowl.

You can also dose it weekly but not really necessary unless you have aglae issues. And as Mayphy mentioned, lighting / ferts / co2 is the way to go if you have aglae issues

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