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Baby snails from lone assassin snail?

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Afternoon all, got a question that I have no idea about: is it in anyway possible for a single assassin snail to have babies?


I have had my 2 shrimp tanks up and running since september/october of last year. All the plants I received were from members here, none of the tanks they came from had assassins. I got the 2 snails I have from my LFS, only 2 were in the bag and I just plucked them out and dropped them into the tank so no water or hitchhikers were included. One went into one tank, the other into the second. Just the other day, I saw a baby assassin snail in one of the tanks and found another after doing a thorough search. The original snail is doing fine other than a small piece of his body is missing on a side. The other tank still has just the one.


I've done some looking after finding the babies and have asked in a couple other places, but everyone is stumped. Every place I've looked says that they need to mate for babies. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before? I'm at a complete loss.

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