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My shippers question please


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Is there anyway to guarnteen a saturday delivery or how much would overnight shipping be (do it overnight fri to sat) i know the days of the week dont matter. My hrs at work stink im worse then a banker with them. Someone is home to get them but I dont trust them to open and examine and stuff ya know.

Im looking for reds, oranges or red/whites

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Priority Mail Express can be 1 or 2 day.


enter 89120 as the from zip code to your zip.

if it says Priority Mail Express 2-Day,you can't get 1 day from anyone.

if it says 1 day it will depend where the seller is if you can get 1 day.


if your post office is open Saturdays ask if they can do "Hold For Pickup".

if they ship Priority Mail Express on Thursday before the cut off time you can pick it up on Saturday.


regular Priority, you can do the same,just use the calculator to see when they should ship for for a Friday delivery and pick it up Saturday.


FedEx or UPS is the only true overnight.

you'll want morning delivery,other wise they could boil in back of the truck from the summer heat.

of course it costs a bit more.


a well packed shrimp package is the 2 pound rate.

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