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why would KH spike? and advice

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Does anyone know why your KH would spike all of a sudden?


Yet the PH is still low, and the GH is the same too?


Temp - 72.5 F

Gh - 4

PH - 6.2 - 6.4

TDS - 150


KH - 5 - 6 / usually it is 0 - 1


No ammonia, no nitrites, just a touch of nitrates


I did a 50% water change, using just RO water and Bee Shrimp Minerals GH+, and some Borneo Wild Shrimp Shield Supplement, same temp, I ticked up the air stones and sponge filter to agitate the water some more


I had two shrimp deaths. one CRS, and one CBS, both about middle size. The first two deaths that have I have had since I started, and the only reason I can see is because the KH spiked up, yet the PH stayed the same?


I rinsed out my filters in aquarium water, did the water change, but it still says my KH is is around 4 to 5? When it normally is around 0 to 1?


This is in my 10 gallon tank that is almost 3 months old now, and my shrimp have been in there for around 2 months. I even have two shrimp that are berried, and they have seemed to be doing just fine.


I did have what I thought was planaria worms, but it was not, it was just some detritus worms that are not harmful to shrimp, and while there are still a few around, there are very few. I did a three day dosing of Fenben, which did not effect them at all, because I thought they were planaria, and turned off the lights for about 30 hours. I then changed about 30% of the water after that. The Fenben didn't seem to bother the shrimp at all, and I didn't have any deaths during this.


But, really, the only thing I can think of is the KH is raised somehow. If a water change doesn't lower the KH, what would?


Thanks for the help. 


I haven't put anything new into the tank at all. Everything has been the same, nothing introduced within the past couple of weeks.

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I get 0 to 1 KH on my RO. should I try boiling it, let it cool down to 72 degrees, then add it?

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