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Eheim 9 Gallon Filtration

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So I am about to dust off and take off the shelves an Eheim 9 gal rimless nano tank to set up for CRS.  This tank has a small internal filter connected to the light setup.  Took it down about a year ago and now I want to replace a 10 gal tank with it.

It would appear that you could not use any other type of filtration with this tank because of the combination light/filter configuration.  But I found a light clamp on the Eheim parts list that I ordered that will separately support the light.  So now I am wondering what type of filtration I should setup for the tank.

I just don't think the little corner filter will offer the best filtration for this project


Any ideas?


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I'd guess you'd put a little HOB on it?  I know that Aqueon hobs will self-start if you lose power (and get it back, lol)


I have one of those Aquastyles fight now!  I'm good with the filter (only some CPDs & a few shrimps, 2 Otos) but I'm having trouble finding the filter cartridges.


Just glanced at your info and saw that you have rili shrimp- that's what I hope to get sooner or later (red ones).  I think they'd look good in that tank.  :)

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i just left it in there to hold the lights and used a combination DIY UG pipes + HOB filter for mine.  Has bee working great so far!


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Thanks guys.  Nice setup Jumpsmasher.  I love how you decorated your tank.  I think I will try out your DIY UG and get an HOB and skip the filter that comes with it.

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Hi Nuthatch:  You know I never replaced the cartridge.  I would just squeeze the pad out in the tank water that I removed from the tank and put the pad back into the filter.  I found the Eheim parts website and found a link where you can get parts - including the pad.  http://www.eheimparts.com/display_product.php?pid=7602728

Here is a link to show all 3 sizes of these tanks and the parts available for each one:  http://www.eheimparts.com/show_subcat.php?parent=3&type=0

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I have two of these tanks and find the filter more than adequate for shrimp and plants. Only thing is I replace the foam every 6mths when using ADA. Other shrimp sands/substrates never required me to change the foam but ADA turns it dark brown. The light Growns most plants and I add co2 with the low tech aerosol on both.

I've had great success with cherries, Tigers, crystals, TBs.


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