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Plants for shrimp only tank


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Currently have a 60l shrimp only tank which currently have sone java moss attached to some driftwood and a decoration, moss balls, an Amazon Sword plant and a few Dwarf Sagittaria and Egeria Densa, with a a black sand substrate with some tetra plant complete substrate to 'help' with the latter 3 plants which isn't but not looking to go through the C02 route

I'm wondering if java fern attachable to some driftwood would be easier to look after and just use liquid ferts once or twice a week

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Java fern is nearly indestructible. Short of actively being eaten, it will survive. So should the marimo balls. Shrimp will appreciate the moss. Egeria densa does not need to be rooted and should be fine if you want to snip the healthiest stems and let them float.

While swords and dwarf sagittaria are not particularly demanding, they do better with a good substrate and fertilization at the root level. If they are not doing well, then they would be the ones I would pull.

I would suggest supplementing with potassium weekly, possibly also iron. You can use Flourish's potassium and iron liquids, or API Leaf Zone contains both.

Lastly, check your lighting. If it wasn't designed to grow plants, chances are it isn't bright enough or isn't the correct spectrum.

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The lightning isn't to bad, I have led set up in the tank but at a guess that could be one of the reasons why i'm struggling with these pants as I don't think its made for plant growth, as I've got an Aqua One Plant Glo led light in my main tank and I've noticed a huge difference regarding the swords and dwarf sagittaria which has a similar set up but am also injecting C02 as well.


I've just looked at the reviews for API Leaf Zone so going to give this a try as well

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