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Kuhli Loaches and shrimp


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Im wondering if any of you have ever successfully housed kuhli loaches and shrimp in the same tank? I have two Kuhli's in my 20 gallon and I have never added shrimp to that tank for fear of them being eaten, but would they only eat the shrimplettes or shrimp of all sizes? I have some shrimp that I don't care if they reproduce, I would just like the spruce up the tank with some shrimp in there as well and am not sure I should bother?





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In my heavily planted 20 long I have 1 kuhli loach, cpd's, woworae rice fish and plenty of shrimp (mostly culls). I have never seen the kuhli attack a shrimp but I assume it is taking down some baby shrimp as the colony doesnt grow very fast. I have seen the cpd's attack baby shrimp though so it could just be them as well.

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