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How much substrate additives did you add when starting a new tank?


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Like the title, I'm finding the best way to start up a new tank. I'm happy with my set up, but I still get some random death (once a month). I tried many methods from over filtration to only using sponge filters. However, I still got the same result. Here is my set up: adding 1" layer of aquasoil, MK silver & MK golden covered all surface area of soil, 2" layer of aquasoil, some spoon of MK silver and golden on the soil's surface, and add 5 MK life balls. Moreover, even though I change my water or just top-off, TDS still slowly increases to the number I don't want. How do you think over-adding or under-adding substrate additives will affect your water parameter? What would it give you the best result?

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