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Aquatic Plants -Plants and Driftwood


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Offer title: Plants and Driftwood

Offer Submitter: Triton

Offer Submitted: 28 May 2014

Offer Category: Aquatic Plants

Some of the plants I have for sale, if you are looking for something specific feel free to PM me, I don't have everything listed. 


I will be able to ship out first thing next week


Dwarf Baby Tears - 2x2 - $5 / each
Dwarf Hair Grass - 2x2 - $5 / each

Melon Sword - Small - $4 / each
Amazon Sword - Small - $3 / each

Crypt Balansae - Medium - $3 / each
Crypt Spiralis - Medium - $3 / each
Wendtii Bronze - Medium - $2.50 / each
Wendtii Green - Medium - $2.50 / each

Nesaea Crassicaulis - $1.50 / stem
Ammannia Segegalensis - $1.50 / stem
Temple Narrow - $1.50 / stem
Telenthera - $1.50 / stem
Nana Val - $1 / each

Moss Balls - Medium - $6 /each


Frogbit - Sandwich bag (large handful) - $5

Spiderwood - $15 per piece (pieces range from 8"-12") - photos will be posted first thing next week


Standard DOA policy - send me a photo of the dead plant the day it is delivered (still in the bag)

-No international shipping, and know your local regulations regarding shipping plants

-Not responsible for USPS mishaps or delays
-Mind your weather, I will ship in an insulated box for no additional cost, but heat/cold packs will be $2 each
-Shipping will be USPS Priority Flat Rate, cost depends on size box needed

Click here to show this offer

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