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I have a small pc of Manzanita, exact piece is pictured, recently water logged with fissidens attached. The fissidens has filled in nicely and is ready to make your tank look awesome. :) and your shrimp will love it too! SOLD


$15 plus $3 to ship. USPS First Class Mail, Continental USA Only




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I have a few pieces that are ready to go, the manzanita still has to fill in abit more but its well on its way--- everything is newly waterlogged and ready to rock in your tanks!


Manzanita branchy piece - $15 (size is about 8x5") SOLD

Manzanita Stumps (2 available) $12 each  (size is about 2x2")


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I have two more long pieces available--- just FYI I sell these to my local aquarium stores and they sell them for $20-$35 per piece...depending on size and fissidens.

thank you to everyone who has shown interest and purchased my cholla, manzanita with Fissidens. I will be doing a ROAK in a week or so once I get another batch grown in~


Piece One - Lays on the ground - about 10" x 4" tall (at the tallest branch $16

Piece Two - Branchy legs - about 10" x 6" tall $18 SOLD


Shipping is $4 for either of these pieces, USPS First Class Mail. I can ship multiple items in the same box for savings on shipping. 







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I have a few things available,


Moss Bamboo Charcoal Cave w. Fissidens $8 (2 available) <Cave is about .5 x 2" but the moss adds size to it.


Branchy Manzanita with Fissidens $15 (measures about 7x5") SOLD


Manzanita Stump w. Fissidens $8 (measures about 2x2")


Shipping is $3.50 no matter how many you buy. Shipping to Continental USA via First Class Mail



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