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salty shrimp sulawesi 7.5 problem


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i'm experimenting with Salty shrimp sulawesi 7.5, and am not getting the pH i'm looking for.  i've mixed up to the higher end, so my TDS are at 200.  the Kh is about 3.5 (starts to turn on 3rd drop) and Gh is about 8.  so far, so good.  the problem is that my pH is reading 6.8.

the water is about 67*, and remineralized from my RO water (one tds meter says 6ppm and the other says 11ppm...so reasonably clean RO).  i tested my pH meter to make sure it's calibrated correctly.


the instructions say the water is ready for use immediately, so what gives?

i have the water sitting in a 5 gal bucket with a heater and an airstone, so i guess i'll check again tomorrow, but i thought i'd ask and see if anybody has had this issue.

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no substrate as of yet, i'm just mixing water in 5gal buckets trying to get a feel for using Salty Shrimp 7.5. 


i am planning to use inert substrate....which i thought was the whole point of using Sulawesi salts.


meanwhile, after being heated and aerated for over 12 hours, my pH has crept up to 7.2, but still not what i was expecting.....

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