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Feb. 22nd shipment PreSale, Super Red & Aura Blue


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Presale for Feb. 22nd shipment
End Date: Feb. 21st
30% Deposit required, and will ship out after 3/1
MSG me or mail to joeaquasales@gmail.com if you're interested.


New available


Super Red (over 10 pcs, free 2 Days shipping)
Full-Red type, $25ea
1-Stripes $20ea
Multi-stripes $15ea



Aura Blue (over 10 pcs, free 2 Days shipping)
A Grade $15 ea
S Grade $20 ea



Safari Line Red Fancy Tiger (only 20 pcs available) $30ea



Regular Stock:
1. 10 pcs A Grade Blue Bolt $75 shipped
2. 10 pcs S Grade Blue Bolt $130 shipped
3. 10 pcs BKK Mixed $80 shipped
4. 5 pcs Black Belly pinto $100 shipped
5. 5 pcs BKK Mosura (Blue Body) $90 shipped
6. 10 pcs BKK Shadow Panda $130 shipped
7. 15 pcs Pinto Mischiling (Big Spot) $90 shipped
8. 30 pcs BKK Mischiling $75 shipped
9. 30 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $99 shipped
10. 30 pcs A-S Grade CRS $75 shipped
11. 6 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $99 shipped
12 5 pcs E2 PRL $120 shipped


Ellen Wang's E2 PRL



Blue Bolts



Wine Red RKK



S-SS Grade CRS




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