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Whiteworms and microworms for shrimp?


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I have cultures of both white worms and microworms that I have been maintaining for a few years. I used them a bit for fish but have been eyeing them recently as a possible food for my neo shrimp.

My Cajun dwarf crays really like the Whiteworms.

Have any of you used live foods for your shrimp? I know the "bacteria alarm" may sound as one of the risks. The microworms are cultured in oatmeal in a plastic container. The whiteworms in a plastic container with organic soil, fed with wheat bread soaked with active yeast dissolved in water. White worms have their own small fridge. Micros have their own shelf in a dark spot of a closet. I'm saying that conditions for both are somewhat controlled so no other contaminates are getting in.


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That's very cool, I've never seen that. As far as feeding whiteworms, why not? Nice dose of protein could be good for them.

Yeah it is a good source of protein but for me personally, it got too messy. I had a fully planted tank (check my journals) and majority of the time worms would get in places that the shrimps couldn't get to and would rot. If you're careful and don't over feed it won't be an issue.

Side note: I have a lot of projects coming up and I'll be sure to post vids on how to properly feed worms to shrimps.

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