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How many Clown/Rocket Killifish have you kept together, and RCS?


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I currently have a 6 gal heavily planted with 4 RCS, 6 celestial danio and 4 rocket killis.


I've never seen an issue with the killis (which are pretty small) bothering the shrimp, but because I will be starting RCS colony and considering adding another male and 2 female killis, I have two questions:


1) Does anyone have insight into how many killifish and gender ratio can be kept together? My 2 males have some territorial tension but generally coexist fine (more males may better to spread it around too).

2) Anyone have issues with killifish hunting dwarf shrimp and shrimplets? So far my 4 totally ignore the shrimp but they're not breeding yet.


Thanks everyone!

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I had 6 clown killifish, 2 male & 4 female, in a heavily planted 23 gallon tank with 20-30 CRS. They were perfectly fine with each other.

The killifish might go after the baby shrimps, but I have never seen them do anything to the adult shrimps.

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