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MK Breed Blue Diamond dose

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Before I dose MK Breed Blue Diamond into 5-gallon jug RO water.  The TDS is 1-2ppm.


I want to get to 4 dGH. - KH: 0-1


I dosed 4mL of MK Breed Blue (1mL / gal) to get 4dGH = 118 ppm TDS and kH is still about 0-1.


Does anyone have similar number like mine? Is this correct number look to you?

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@Rivergardennursery , thanks for the info .. but I do wonder because today I dosed 4ml and tested api gH it took 4 drops to get the color of ish green with 118 TDS from digital (HM) meter.  If I dose 8ml per your suggest, would that be too much?


As per instruction of ML Blue


10 mL / 25 gallons = .4 mL/gallon for +1 dGH,  But I need 4-5 dGH, and I didn’t want to over the amount, it so I calculated for 4 dGH…


.4 mL/gallon x 4 gal = 1.6 mL/gallon for 4 dGH,and when I use 1.6 mL dose / gal (tested on 1 gal RO water) to aim for 4 dGH, but it bring dGH of 10 .


So I lower down to 1 mL / gal (dosed 4 mL MK Blue) in 5 gal jugs RO water, which yielded a dGH of 4 dGH. 


1 mL/gallon of Blue Diamond x 5 gallons = 5 mL of Blue Diamond for 5 dGH , for that I just used 4 mL Blue Diamond aim for near/at 4 dGH. 


Not sure anyone else using MK Blue diamond has same result as me? 

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