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Red Root Floaters for sale


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Phyllanthus fluitans

Red root floaters are a great little plant to add some color to your aquarium, provide a place for shrimp to hide in and graze on, and offer shade to the tank. When grown under high light and nutrient rich conditions the leaves and roots will turn a dark red and mature plants will even develop small white flowers. Red root floaters grow very fast under the right conditions, and as it grows each plant will form a long chain like structure before it breaks off into separate plants. It is a wonderful little plant for removing excess nutrients and is much easier to manage than some of the other smaller floating plants such as duckweed, fairy moss, and salvinia.

24+ plants per order, 4-6 leaves per plant. - $11.99 + shipping

12+ plants per order, 4-6 leaves per plant. - $5.99 + shipping

tracking # included
$4.00 - USPS First Class
$8.00 - USPS Priority
$30.00 - USPS Priority Express

Item will be shipped in a breather bag and well insulated box.
I will ship only to the continental USA.

Email me with shipping preference and an invoice will be sent to you via paypal.
Payment is due within 72 hours of invoice being sent.

Live Arrival Guarantee
If plants are dead on arrival, please contact me asap with photos and a refund will be issued for the final price minus shipping, or I can resend the order at no cost.

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