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Tantora white mineral stones

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I have been having some molting issues in my RCS tank. About once a week I find an adult that is stuck mid-molt, as discussed here http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/5686-how-long-to-molt/. Others seem to be molting just fine. I have berried females and regularly find intact molts.


Recently, my GH has climbed to around 11(!), KH is at 3, and TDS is ~280 (it was over 300 a couple weeks ago, but I have been slowly lowering it). I use SS GH/KH+ in DI water remineralized to 200 for water changes, and I top up with DI water. The pH is also high - around 7.6.


The only change I can think of is that I removed a couple of old Tantora mineral stones a few weeks ago after I noticed the TDS and GH climbing. The molting issues seem to have developed since then.


So... I set up two 50ml tubes of tank water and dropped some mineral stone shards in one of them. 24 hours later, I tested both for KH, GH, and pH. KH and GH are identical (3 and 11). pH is not! The pH of the tank water is 7.6, but the water with the stones is at 7.


Has anyone else experienced a pH-lowering effect of these stones?


And should I put them back in the tank? Do you think the high tank pH is why I'm seeing molting issues?

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