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Has anyone tried Furan 2 for bacterial infections?

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One tank of my shrimp is suffering from major loss of color (not all the shrimp in the tank are affected), so I'm thinking potential bacterial infection. The tank is full of Indian almond leaves and alder cones. It has been that way for awhile now. I'm not sure where this popped up from. I also been dosing with Melafix and I took out the affected shrimp, which was three. I don't want it to further spread so I plan on treating the separated shrimp and the seemingly unaffected shrimp. The tank has close to 200+ shrimplets and about 20 adults. No deaths. It's a divided tank and both sides have same water. I also have several berried females. The Cherries on the other divided side is not affected and their color is still nice and dark. To get to the point has anyone successfully tried Furan-2? I know people have been successful with Maracyn 2, but I don't know where to find it. If I purchaes online, once I wait for shipping I don't know how bad the affected shrimp will be or the tank. I've never dealt with an bacterial outbreak.

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I never thought of Kensfish. I buy from there all the time. The milkyness developed but it's not as dramatic as pictures I have seen. Thank you.

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