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[FS] Frogbit, dwarf water lettuce, Amazon sword plantlets


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When I throw out my floating plants, I always cringe because I know that there's somebody out there that really wants them and is just looking for the right deal.

Both of these floating plants are relatively hardy and will really put a dent in your nitrates. For many species we keep in our tanks, they will enjoy having the light diffused by a dense covering of floaters. My shrimps love to hang onto the dangling roots. For tanks with sponge filters, you will have no problem propagating the floaters. They can handle some surface agitation, but will reproduce more slowly and probably won't cover the entire surface. With that said, I have a 10 gallon with a BioMaxx 10 HOB (rated for 100gph) and there is very little surface area not covered with frogbit at this point.

I also have a couple of Amazon swords that are sending off some plantlets that I have no need for. These are just like miniatures of the full-grown version, with many small leaves radiating out from a tiny root system. The entire thing is only about 2-3" tall, but will grow large like the mother plant given enough time and being planted in a substrate. Limited quantity available.

For an approximate 2" by 2" portion of the floating plants, I'm asking $4. Willing to negotiate for larger quantities, though I obviously only have so much to spare at any one time. If you are confident in your tank's ability to grow these things, then you won't need much to start with.

For an Amazon sword plantlet, I'm asking $4 each. Very limited quantities.

I will ship via USPS and can do either First Class Mail ($4, may take a week to arrive) or Priority Mail ($7, 2-3 days to most of the US, longer to west coast). This depends on quantity too, of course.

I'm happy to combine with snail orders as well, see myother post for that–


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