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Tangerine Tigers, Blue Steels, Dwarf Blue Crays (C. Diminutus), Mischillings - everything on sale thru Sunday!

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I have a lot of nice Taiwan Bee F1 Mischilling Shrimp that ended up in my cull tank because it either cannot be used in any of my current projects, was the wrong sex or had improper coloring for what I need to do. Lots are adults and some of the females are berried. These all carry the Taiwan Bee gene and are used to breed your own Taiwan Bees. These are higher grade pattern Red and Black CRS pattern as well as Golden/Snow Whites. I need to make room for more so I'm letting those in that tank go cheap - 10/$30 + $12 SH


Tangerine Tigers are still on sale with about 3-4 packages left 6/$20 + $12 SH


Steel Blues are on sale thru Sunday 3/$75 + $12 SH -- 5/$120+$12 SH -- 7/$150+$12 SH


Dwarf Blue Crayfish (C. Diminutus)  3/$30+$12 SH or 5/$45+$12 SH


Everything on the website is 10% off thru the weekend2016-03-30-19.05.26.jpg

2016-04-15 19.26.48.jpg

2016-04-11 12.58.56.jpg

2016-04-16 09.28.50.jpg

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