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[FS] Guava Leaves, Water spangles & Amazon Frogbit - the nitrate reducers!


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Hey Shrimpspot!


My tanks have been overgrown by these plants so if anyone is looking for good nitrate reducing plants or just want something your shrimp can graze/float around on, then these will perfect for you. These are grown in non c02/fertilized tanks.


Plants Price Amount Sending
Amazon Frogbit, limnobium laevigatum $3 10+ Amazon Frogbit (mixed sizes but tend to be on the smaller size)
Water spangles, salvinia minima $3 20+ Water Spangles
Water spangles/Amazon Frogbit mix $5 10+ Water Spangles and 5+ Amazon Frogbit




I also have Guava leaves that are from my tree, no pesticides used(I eat the fruit so I don't want that going in my body), all organic and I am doing 1oz bags(20+ leaves) for $6.


Shipping Options For Plants and Leaves

$7 for small flat rate box, unless your order is too big.

$13 for medium flat rate - larger orders


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